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VANISHING SAIL – Documentary Trailer and Background

Selection 2 – Watch TheSailingChannel coverage of the Intro and Q&A
at the Annapolis Film Festival.

— MORE at www.vanishingsail.com

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59 Degrees North – Andy Schell’s Audio Podcast
Tory Salvia & TheSailingChannel.TV

59 NORTH SAILING PODCAST Tory Salvia – TheSailingChannel.TV

Episode 145 is Tory Salvia, founder and executive producer of The Sailing Channel. Tory and I sat down in person in Annapolis a few weeks ago and had a fascinating conversation. We talked about Tory’s sailing career in general and how he got started, his love of good old boats, how he’s been influenced over the years, and more recently, his starting thesailingchannel.tv.

Tory made his career in media production, making videos for the Navy for a long while as both producer and director on many of his projects. He has a love for film, which has shaped his career all along, but eventually he wanted to combine that with his love of sailing, and so The Sailing Channel was born.Today, thesailingchannel.tv is a mix of curation – Tory hosts many popular sailing movies from now and from the past – and original production. If you’ve seen ‘Red Dot on the Ocean,’ the Matt Rutherford story, that was one of Tory’s prouder moments as producer, as he brought it to life. We delve into how he made the business happen, some of his favorite sailing films, some technical aspects of how filmmaking has changed in the digital age, and much more.