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59 Degrees North – Andy Schell’s Audio Podcast
Paul & Sheryl Shard Return

59 NORTH SAILING PODCAST Paul and Sherly Shard Return

Episode 148 Paul & Sheryl Shard talk to us live from Toronto about their start in sailing, how they got into movie-making, combining their passion for movies, travel and sailing, Paul’s career as a boat-builder, Sheryl’s theatre background and lots more! Audience Q&A included throughout.

Order Distant Shores episodes..

TI wanted to post my episode about Cuba this week, but being at the rally has left me with little time to finish it up. It’s a very cool story, but I think I can make it even cooler, so I’m putting it off a week.

Instead, episode 148 is another interview with Paul & Sheryl Shard of the Distant Shores sailing tv show. I’ve been hanging on to this one for a while now – we recorded it live in Toronto back in January – and it’s a really cool deep dive into their sailing history, the popularity of their show, some of their favorite stories from over the years and all their traveling and lots more. Paul & Sheryl are professional media people, so they do a really nice job of storytelling. We mixed in a few audience questions throughout as well.

Mia and I have gotten to know the Shard’s quite well over the past several years. They’re some of our favorite people in sailing, and we love catching up with them at boat shows and on the water. In fact, while we were racing Isbjorn in the Caribbean 600, we saw them sailing north, and downwind, as we sailed south and around Montserrat, beating our brains out upwind in the race!

As for Isbjorn, she remains on the canal next to Pam Wall’s house in Ft. Lauderdale. Mia and I head back down on May 15th ahead of our next leg north to Annapolis. We have some very cool projects in the works with Pam that I’ll just tease now, but which won’t release for a while, so stay tuned for news on that. Our passages are sold out for the rest of 2016, but we’ve got a lot of cool stuff happening in 2017, including two Atlantic crossings and some sailing in the Azores and Scotland, so check out the calendar and register at 59-north.com/offshore to come sailing with us! And just today I got the maps for our 2018 passage routes to the Arctic and Iceland from our graphics guy Steve Olson, which is VERY exciting! I’ll be opening those trips and publishing the full schedule soon, for what will truly be the adventure of a lifetime!

Finally, if you enjoy the podcast, please do me a favor and review it on iTunes. I appreciate all the great feedback – if you’ve emailed me at some point and I haven’t replied, send a gentle reminder and I promise I will! I genuinely try to get to all of them, and really enjoy hearing from our fans.

Okay, with that, please enjoy my latest conversation, live from Toronto, with Paul & Sheryl Shard!