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59 Degrees North – Andy Schell’s Podcast>/h2>

Episode 137 is a unique one. It’s Part 2 of a very long conversation I had with Teddy J of the Sail Loot podcast. Teddy and I are releasing these episodes simultaneously on each other’s shows, so to catch Part 1 – in which I spend over 90 minutes talking about my own sailing history and my entrepreneurial inspiration, head on over to the Sail Loot podcast – just search Sail Loot in iTunes, or stream online at sailloot.com.

In Part 2 that follows here, I turned the tables on Teddy and spent the next hour talking to him about how he got inspired to go sailing after a trip in Dominica he did with some friends. Ever since then he’s always wondered how people managed to pay for their dreams, and hence the Sail Loot podcast was born. Teddy has over 30 episodes now interviewing a lot of well-known sailors about just how they make their dreams financially viable. Teddy and I also spend some time discussing the technical aspects of podcasting, talking about the gear we use and our production process.