Odyssey to Cape Horn Island - Trailer from SailFlix on Vimeo.

Odyssey to Cape Horn Island

Written and Photographed by Gene Anthony
Narrated by Peter Coyote
Original Music by Sean Parson



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to Cape Horn Island

by Gene Anthony
Narrated by Peter Coyote

An inspiring sea story about the power of resolution, tenacity, and faith.

Odyseey to Cape Horn Island
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Narrated by actor and
Emmy Award-winning narrator, Peter Coyote.

Narrator, Peter Coyote

With each adventure, experience the resolution, tenacity, and faith that made Gene Anthony's odyssey to Cape Horn Island a reality.

Tall Ship Esmeralda Into the tops Cape Horn Island
Tall Ship Esmerelda Bow Sprit Easter Island Young Woman Freighter Wreck near Cape Horn

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To learn more about Gene Anthony, his photography, his books, and his life, visit www.seashipsandsailing.com.


Gene Anthony on Cape Horn Island

to Cape Horn Island

An inspiring sea story about the power of resolution, tenacity, and faith.

Odyssey to Cape Horn Island

In 1978, photographer and writer Gene Anthony achived a personal quest. His sea story takes us on an inspirational odyssey to Cape Horn Island at the very tip of the Americas.

Cape Horn Island

We voyage by way of Gene's lifelong fascination with all things nautical.

Sailing on San Francisco Bay

And his highly successful career as a maritime photo journalist.

Sailing in the Caribbean

Finally, we share Gene's triumphant journey to the very summit of Cape Horn Island.

Summit, Cape Horn Island

Along the we learn quite a bit of history about this most daunting of capes.

Sir Francis Drake

We cross the Pacific aboard the Chilean Navy's four-masted barquentine, Esmeralda.

Tall Ship Esmerelda Square Rigged Foremast

Sail aboard an Alden schooner with San Francisco Poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti...

Poet, Lawerence Ferlinghetti

And meet legendary cruising pioneer and sailing author, Hal Roth fighting to rescue his yacht, Whisper. 

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