Cast Off for Catalina
Cruising & Visitor's Guide


Learn everything you need to know for a safe and successful voyage to Southern California's Catalina Island.


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Cast Off for Catalina

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The indispensable Video Guide to Catalina Island for boaters (and landlubbers too!) This video is a must-Cast Off for Catalinasee before you sail and while you're there. It includes everything you need to know about cruising to tranquil Catalina island, just 20 miles from busy Los Angeles off the California coast. The video covers mooring technique, anchoring, and a complete circumnavigation of the island describing the most popular harbors and anchorages.

Cast Off for CatalinaProduced by Mark Ritts and Ted Field, longtime creators, writers and producers of award-winning national television series and documentaries.

During the video, you'll visit Avalon Harbor, the Isthmus, Cherry and Fourth of July Coves, Howland's Landing, Emerald Bay, Catalina Harbor, Little Harbor, and many others.

Cast Off for CatalinaThe video also takes you onshore to visit the quaint town of Avalon, the isthmus outpost of Two Harbors, and the picturesque interior where buffalo roam--decedents of a herd imported for a 1930's Western Movie.

A Video by
Mark Ritts & Ted Field

Cast Off for Catalina

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