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Don Street Sailors' Knots, Line Handling & Throwing movie posterFilmed in Martinique aboard Iolaire, his 46 ft engineless wooden yawl, master sailor Don Street teaches you and your crew everything you need to know about sailors' knots and more in just 50 minutes. Don has decades of ocean sailing experience. Check him out at http://www.street-iolaire.com/

Don starts by covering 8 basic knots then adds more advanced knots like the rolling hitch, fisherman's bend, and tow boat hitch. With a down to earth style, he teaches you how to tie each knot and most importantly, when to use it, making a sometimes difficult subject easy and pleasurable. First Don demonstrates at normal speed then he shows you a slow motion close up that makes the knot's path easy to follow and learn. Don also covers proper line handling, dock line throwing, sail stops, halyards, and how to repair a chafed rope.

Don gives you the critical knot and line handling skills every skipper should know.

See The Complete Street, which contains Sailors' Knots and Don's other 4 videos for one package price.

The Complete Street - Trailer from SailFlix on Vimeo

The Complete Street includes all five of Don Street's videos: Streetwise, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and Sailors' Knots & Line Handling, which contain dozens of sailing tips,; plus Transatlantic with Street, a primer on blue water sailing; and Antigua Race 1985, a classic caribbean racing documentary.

In this video is from Streetwise Tips Vol.1, Don shows you how to quickly "park your boat" at sea so you can rest and regroup in rough weather.

Don Street has decades of offshore sailing experience. Through his videos, you can learn from one of the legendary sailors of our time. For 57 years, Don sailed Iolaire, his 46 ft engineless wooden yawl built in 1905 on which he crossed the Atlantic numerous times.

He is largely responsible for opening up the Caribbean to modern cruisers through his Imray-Iolaire charts and Caribbean cruising guides. Don has also contributed a wealth of knowledge about ocean sailing through his two volume set, The Ocean Sailing Yacht, as well as countless articles for major sailing magazines. And Street has been active in the marine insurance business for over four decades, placing insurance with Lloyds of London.

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