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Ice Blink: A Family Navigating LIfe's Ice Clogged Waters from SailFlix on Vimeo.

Ice Blink: A Family Navigating Life's Ice-Clogged Waters movie posterA Film by Gregory Roscoe
A remarkable story of the Martin's, a conventional family of five living a very unconventional life afloat. Follow Dave and Jaja Martin, and their crew of three children from their beginnings aboard a 25-foot day sailor circumnavigating the globe to their most recent voyage on a 33 foot steel sloop to the Arctic. There they encounter new friends, icebergs, and polar bears.

"Have you ever touched an iceberg? Have you ever built your own home on land and on the water? Have you ever born and raised children on different oceans? Have you ever gone contrary to convention, not just in life’s small things, but in life’s big choices? Dave and Jaja Martin have done all of this—and much, much more."

Share the Martins' voyage into opportunities that test their physical and mental limits... discover that self-sufficiency is the key to survival... and that the rewards of the world can be had with a commitment to family, a simple lifestyle, and the courage to choose differently.

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