Sailing Adventures of the Irish Rose - Trailer from SailFlix on Vimeo.

Sailing Adventures
of the Irish Rose

Seattle, WA to Juneau, AK
Experience the majestic Inside Passage
in full HD


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Sailing Adventures
of the Irish Rose

Seattle, WA to Juneau, AK

Experience the Inside Passage
in full HD

Mary T Newfoundland DVD Art

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Seattle, Washington to
Juneau, Alaska (HD)
52-Minutes: $12.99

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Slide Show

Irish Rose Slide Show

Mary T - NewfoundlandIf you like The Sailing Adventures of the Irish Rose, check out the preview for Cruising on the Mary T: Newfoundland's Southwest Coast.

Voyage with Amy and Kenny aboard their 1984 Morgan 384 sloop as they sail past grand vistas of rock bound shores into stunning fjords. Visit remote outports frozen in time and learn the sad story of their slow decline.

Meet the locals who tell of vanishing fisheries and a government that's eliminating their support including mail, mainland ferries and electricity. Then sail east to the small island of St. Pierre & Miquelon, the last remaining French position in North America.

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Seattle, Washington
Juneau, Alaska


Bears, eagles, whales, seals, salmon, and icebergs. There is still a place in America where nature rules.

Black Bear

Where glaciers gleam like jewels set into majestic mountains. Where ice-fed waterfalls plummet from tidewater glaciers.


Where the spirits of ancient ancestors linger in the mist. Where their signs can be seen on rock cliffs near the bones of their great wooden lodges, their weather-worn totems still standing guard in virgin forests.


The inside passage, from Seattle, Washington up the coast of Canada, to Juneau, Alaska is a waterway window into the past with majestic scenery and hidden anchorages where time stands still.


Sail with skipper Dave Perdew on Irish Rose as novice and experienced sailors join him on different legs as they cruise the famed inside passage.

Come Home

Discover 4000 year-old rock carvings along the beach and climb cliffs hundreds of feet above the passage to find ancient picture glyphs.

Rock climb to picture glyphs

Irish Rose is a 40 foot Bob Perry Design 1979 cutter completely refurbished for adventure sailing in the high latitudes. She tows a 15 foot RIB with 50hp outboard for exploring narrow channels where a larger boat can't go.

Irish Rose


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