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Voyages of Banyandah movie posterVoyages of S/V Banyandah - Trailer from SailFlix on Vimeo.

A film by Jack & Jude Binder.
Two veteran sailors return to the sea following a 15-year refit of their self-built Ferro cement ketch, "Banyandah" (aboriginal word meaning “home on the water”) which had carried them and their two sons around the world. With the kids grown, it's time to complete their 9,000 mile circumnavigation of Australia. Sail with Jack & Jude through crocodile infested waters. Scale rugged cliffs and see some of the world's oldest rock paintings. Climb Mount Misery for a spectacular view of Tasmania. Explore pristine coral atolls, sheltered rivers, and Aussie ports of call. There's nothing like adventure sailing along the Australian coast.


Kimberley Rock Art Revisited from SailFlix on Vimeo.

Climb a waterfall and swim in a giant's pool found in a far away land once inhabited by Earth's earliest people. Thirty-five thousand years ago, ancient ones were painting the rich red rock with exquisite scenes depicting the earliest known life. Come along with Cap'n Jack when he leads a small group on a revisit to rock art first found when Jack and Jude trekked the forbidding Kimberley landscape in 2007.

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