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Preview: Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang

Sample Tips

Lats & Atts TV: Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack
The complete collection of Capt. Jack's 30 Cruising Tips from Seasons One & Two of Latitudes & Attitudes TV. Captain Jack Klang holds a 50 ton USCG Master license, power and sail. He has a way of showing how things work so anyone can understand. This is a must for those who want to learn sailing basics.

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Singlehanded Docking & Sail Trim just $9.99
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Reducing Heel

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Aboard Capt. Jack's own vessel, "Hells Bells," a 1966 Sparkman & Stevens designed 30ft Chris Craft sloop, Homeport: Suttons Bay, MI.

SAIL TRIM 101...

Sailing Trim
Reducing Heel
The Pocket
Coming About
Mains'l Trim
Reefing the Main

SAILING 101...

Controlled Jibe
Flaking the Main
Picking Up a Mooring
Crew Overboard
VHF Radio
Docking Singlehanded-Bow into the Wind
Backing Out a Slip Singlehanded
Lasso a Piling

"Hells Bells"
Sail Trim
Docking Bow In
"Sandbox" with Ship Models...
In the studio, Capt. Jack demonstrates...

Steering Rules for Sailboats
Aids to Navigation
How to Dock Single Handed
How to Back Out of Slip in a Crosswind
How a Boat Maneuvers
How to Back into a Slip
How to Tie a Bowline
The "Little Things" to Take Sailing
Port Security
Tips for Successful Docking
How to Make a Cleat Hitch and Chain
How to Make a "Stopper" or Figure-8 Knot and the Clove Hitch

"Sandbox" with Ship Models
Sailing Rules
Bonus Tips...

Dropping the Hook
Up Anchor
Proper Use of Fire Extinguishers
The Impeller

"Up Anchor"

Fire Extinguisher Operaitons

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