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Paradise Found: Sailing the BVI
TSCtv brings Gary Jobson's outstanding film about sailing the British Virgin Islands to video podcasting.

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The Helmsman: America's Cup
This is the first in a series of videos describing the roles of crewmembers aboard the BMW ORACLE America's Cup Racing Yacht. In this episode we get an overview of the crew and the Helmsman.
The Tactician: America's Cup
When do you tack? When do jibe? Those countless other racing decisions originate with the Tactician in close communications with the Helmsman.
The Navigator: America's Cup
Connected to a powerful onboard computer, the navigator tracks the boat's position and confers with the other members of the Afterguard on strategy.
The Strategist: America's Cup
is responsible for relaying weather information to other members of the Afterguard and maintaining the most efficient sail shape for conditions.

The Weather Team: America's Cup
locates the "fuel" that powers the sails. Using down course weather boats and buoys, the team meteorologist reports on current and future wind conditions.

The Grinders: America's Cup
The muscle of the crew, the Grinders work in pairs. Their tremendous strength and endurance power a series of interlocking winches that shape the sails.

The Trimmers: America's Cup
Adjusting the sails to match wind and course requires continuous concentration. The trimmers work with the grinders to obtain perfect sail shape.

The Mast & Pit Men: America's Cup
Raising and dropping sails, grinding, and coordinating the bow team with the Afterguard are the key tasks of these specialists.

The Bow Men: America's Cup
Tangling from the spinnaker poll is one of the more harrowing maneuvers performed by the Bow Men to ensure a proper spinnaker set.

BMW ORACLE Racing Keel
Technology transfer has played a major role in the design and construction of this hi-tech keelfin "bomb". Like the winged keel, this development will eventually find its way to cruising sailboats.
Tall Ship Prince William: Voyage of Understanding. Join 48 International student-sailors on their dramatic arrival in London, UK.
Shoshalosa: An African Dream
This mini-documentary showcases South Africa's America's Cup challenge and the positive impact it is having on some of that nation's poorest children.



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