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We offer engaging sailing videos about the cruising lifestyle produced by Sailor/Producers who have a knack for storytelling, an eye for imagery, and the ability to teach the sailing skills they have mastered while voyaging thousands of ocean miles. You can view a free video preview of each program.

Vimeo Video On Demand Rental/Purchase system

Our preview players link to our new SailFlix Vimeo On Demand System. Clicking the player purchase button, you can rent or download-to-own the video and immediately stream the video online, either in a window or full screen. If you are not already a member, you'll need to join Vimeo, which is free and gives you access to the latest streaming capabilities.

You benefit by being able to watch on all screens: computer, SmartPhone, tablet, and SmartTV through Vimeo Apps. See Vimeo Everywhere for supported devices. If you purchase a Download-to-Own, you get a copy for offline viewing plus unlimited streaming on Vimeo. So this is a great way to build a secure online sailing video library in the cloud while having access to offline copies. With the cost of 60GB USB flash (thumb) drives plummeting to $50USD or less, you can carry around dozens of long form videos in your pocket.

Website Shopping Cart

We continue to sell downloads and DVDs through this website shopping cart, which uses the Amazon Web Services Cloudfront content delivery network to deliver your download. The video file comes from an AWS edge server near you for fast, reliable downloads. This is the same sytem used by Netflix and other major video platforms.

After your purchase, we will email you a web linkm where you can log in and download your videos. If you don't see this email in your inbox within a few minutes after your purchase, please check your junk or spam folder. Your login will remain available for four days and you can download a video file up to three times. We've made both Windows Media (wmv) and QuickTime (mov and/or mp4) files available for most titles. These are the same video. Download the version you prefer. If in the future, you lose a file, just email support and we will replace it at no charge.

iPads and iPhones

For iPads or iPhones, you need to download the mp4 (or m4v) file using a separate App. Alternately, download the file to your computer then transfer it to your Apple mobile device via the iTunes Library. To make your purchase and download our videos directly to your iPad or iPhone, we recommend the Video D/L App from the iPad App Store. It also lets you transfer files to and from your computer. For detailed instructions, read our Video Download FAQS. If you use an Android tablet or Smart Phone, you can download our videos directly.

Android Tablets and Phones

Since we deliver the MP4 file format, your video will stream on any Android device and you can download it too for offline viewing.

File Formats

Our digital video files are designed to play on your PC or MAC computer, either in a window or full screen. You can also watch them on digital large screen TVs using a USB Thumb Drive or Local Area Network. These files WILL NOT PLAY in a standard DVD player. If you prefer to watch videos via a DVD player, please purchase the DVD versions that we offer.

Our Video Downloads are Green and are about half the price of a DVD with no additional shipping and handling charges. However, video files are large, up to 1 GB or more. Visit our Download Test Page to estimate download time based on your Internet connection speed. If you have dial-up or DSL, it's too slow. We recommend you purchase the DVD version (we provide a DVD Add to Cart button for most titles) or try our SailFlix Rentals on YouTube and Vimeo.

NOTE: File Download Managers will NOT work with our system. Download files using your web browser. We recommend the free Google Chrome web browser, which keeps you informed of download progress and gives you access to your download files in its bottom browser bar.

Our Sailor/Producers have worked hard to create these videos. Income they receive contributes to their cruising kitty, which enables them to make more videos. We ask you to honor their work by purchasing your own copy and asking your friends to do the same.