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A Brief Glimpse in Time: Yacht Athena, 1900

June 30, 1900 – Eastern Yacht Club’s Puritan Cup Race – Athene seen missing top-mast after smack-down.

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  • No. 5 Elbe – Onboard Video of Pre-Collision June 14, 2019
    08.06.2018 – Onboard video showing the No. 5 Elbe on starboard, in a breeze, heading toward container ship. No. 5 Elbe is driving to weather on the northern side of the channel. Also clearly visible is the “Astro Sprinter”, which the pilot is heading for. Clearly heard are the warning signals of the container ship. […]
  • No. 5 Elbe – Stiftung Hamburg Maritim Press Release June 13, 2019
    Stiftung Hamburg Maritim Press Release – 13.06.2019 Hamburg – The Salvage of the pilot-schooner no. 5 starts this weekend. After several salvage estimates from salvage companies have been received and evaluated, the decision has been made: Contract awarded: Lying on her side in silt the wooden hull should be raised with the help of sacks […]
  • Pilot Schooner No. 5 Elbe – Recovery Delayed June 13, 2019
    Captain draws legal counsel. The crew has their own view of the incident.     12.06.19 Hamburg. – No. 5 Elbe will apparently not be able to be recovered from the Elbe until the weekend of the fifteenth at the earliest. The work could even be delayed until next week, according to the Hamburg Maritim […]
  • Wally Nano 004 – Lake Geneva Switzerland June 12, 2019
    Splash down for Wally Nano MKII number 004 ‘Nostromino’ in Rolle Switzerland on lake Geneva.     The post Wally Nano 004 – Lake Geneva Switzerland appeared first on Classic Sailboats.
  • Pilot Schooner No. 5 Elbe – Update June 11, 2019
    No. 5 Elbe Passenger Update: Eight injured had to be treated by a doctor, including two seriously injured adults and two slightly injured children. A seriously injured man flew in a rescue helicopter to a hospital in Altona, the two children were in ambulance to Helios Hospital Mariahilf in Hamburg- Harburg. For the remaining five […]

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