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Free Sailing Podcasts from Our Media Partners

Discussions include sailor bios, sailboat designs, sailing skills, maintenance, cooking aboard, cruising destinations and more.

  • Steps to a New Dinghy Plug January 15, 2019
    Replacing a dinghy plug is a great look at boat projects in general. They're not complicated but they can definitely be time-consuming. [More] Steps to a New Dinghy Plug
    Nica Waters
  • How to Define Cruising on Your Boat January 11, 2019
    Define cruising for yourself and those on board your boat with these 8 questions to guide your planning. Make it YOUR dream, not what someone else is doing. [More] How to Define Cruising on Your Boat
    Carolyn Shearlock
  • The Most Important Tool January 8, 2019
    The most important tool on your boat isn't one that you can buy at the hardware store. Learn about boat tools - and which one you should never be without. [More] The Most Important Tool
    Nica Waters
  • Simon Borjeson Returns // Isbjorn's New Skipper January 15, 2019
    #254: Simon Borjeson returns to the podcast as ISBJORN's new skipper for the first few two-boat passages later this year. Simon & I became friends when we met during the ARC Europe rally a few years back, and bonded on our love of sailing, skiing and endurance sports. Back then he was sailing his dad's […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • Jessie Z. & Luke Y. Return // Trans-At Stories January 8, 2019
    #253: Jessie Zevalnkink & Luke Yeates were on the podcast back in October 2017, right after they'd crossed the Atlantic in their 37' yawl DESIREE. Mia & I caught up with them in person aboard their boat in Lagos, Portugal, as we were getting ISBJORN ready to cross the Atlantic. We sat in their cockpit […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • Haakon Vatle // Storm Weather Shanty Choir January 1, 2019
    #252: Haakon Vatle has, as far as we can tell, the world's ONLY master's degree in sea shanties. He's the founder and leader of the Storm Weather Shanty Choir, who fans of the show will know as the group of Norwegian musicians who have mastered the art of the modern sea shanty. And Haakon is […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • STBSP, Ep. 100!!!! Group Chat with Ms. Nora and Mr. Smoker on NYE 2018, State of the Nation January 7, 2019
    Holy Moly, we made it to Episode 100 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP)!!!! Thanks to ya’ll for listening over the past 5 years! I want to thank all of my listeners, but also those over on Patreon that help Support the show and also those of you that have reached out and […]
    Jeffrey.wettig@gmail.com (Jeffrey S. Wettig)
  • STBSP Ep, 99, Tom Raidna, Fan of the Show, Small Boat Sailor, ASA classes, and More! December 12, 2018
    Welcome to Episode 99 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP)! This Episode is our chat with Pittsburgh, Pa area sailor and fan of the show, Tom Raidna. He sails a Precision 18 on Lake Arthur, north of the city, and last summer, after sailing for almost 25 years, decided to take some ASA […]
    Jeffrey.wettig@gmail.com (Jeffrey S. Wettig)
  • STBSP EP, 98, Karen and Steve from DaysUnfurling aboard Soul Shine November 21, 2018
    Welcome to Episode 98 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP). This Episode we catch up with Karen and Steve Haver from DaysUnfurling aboard their new boat S/V Soul Shine, just before they sell everything and head off for the cruising life. We spoke to them just after the Annapolis Sailboat Show, and just […]
    Jeffrey.wettig@gmail.com (Jeffrey S. Wettig)

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