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Discussions include sailor bios, sailboat designs, sailing skills, maintenance, cooking aboard, cruising destinations and more.

  • The Florida Keys in Summer March 22, 2019
    The Florida Keys are wonderful in summer . . . if you can stand the heat. Learn our survival tricks! [More] The Florida Keys in Summer
    Carolyn Shearlock
  • What’s a Bottom Job Cost Anyway? March 19, 2019
    Whether you decide not to apply bottom paint, do the work yourself, or hire it out, there are costs to keeping your hull clean. Learn the details! [More] What’s a Bottom Job Cost Anyway?
    Nica Waters
  • Organizing a Boat Refrigerator March 15, 2019
    A top-loading boat refrigerator takes special organization since nothing is built in. Learn where to start in planning how to arrange it. [More] Organizing a Boat Refrigerator
    Carolyn Shearlock
  • Senor Brady & Alex Blue // SV Delos March 19, 2019
    #259. Alex & Brady are the other half of SV Delos. After meeting them for the first time up in Svalbard, Mia & I reunited with the whole Delos crew in Antigua after our Atlantic crossing on ISBJORN. We spent 3 weeks chillin' on the beach and hanging out in shorts! While Brian & Kazza […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • David Hows // Ocean Sailing Podcast Host March 5, 2019
    #258 David Hows is the host of the Ocean Sailing Podcast. He sails his own Beneteau 44.5 “Ocean Gem” and has raced it extensively between Australia and New Zealand. He has now crossed the Tasman Sea three times, two of those single-handed. David interviewed Andy for his podcast - they spoke of the podcasting business, […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • Alvah Simon // Happier at Sea February 26, 2019
    #255. Alvah Simon is best known for his extraorindary voyage to the Arctic that he documented in 'North to the Night,' a highly philosophical, almost spiritual book about his over-wintering in the Canadian Arctic, alone, on his steel sloop, the ROGER HENRY, frozen in the ice. Alvah and I of course discussed this adventure, but […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • STBSP Ep, 104, In Bed with The Atlantic Author Kitiara Pascoe March 13, 2019
    Welcome to Episode 104 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP)! This episode we chat with Sailor and Author of the new book “In Bed With The Atlantic,” Kitiara Pascoe. Kit, as she is sometimes called, spent a few years as a young woman from the UK, sailing across the Atlantic, around the Caribbean, […] (Jeffrey S. Wettig)
  • STBSP Ep. 103, Captain Gino’s 101 Tips for a Breezy Sailor Lifestyle! February 25, 2019
    Welcome back Captain Gino! This episode we check back in with former guest Captain Gino Garofalo with his new book 101 Tips for a Breezy Lifestyle! We spoke with Captain Gino a year and half ago and learned about his website and his Facebook group “Sailing, Life’s a Breeze.” This time we follow up a […] (Jeffrey S. Wettig)
  • STBSP Ep, 102, Kate Dawson from Annapolis Yacht Sales February 6, 2019
    Welcome to episode 102 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP) with guest Kate Dawson, Director of Operations at Annapolis Yacht Sales. AYS celebrated their 65th anniversary last year and continue to be a premier yacht brokerage, featuring great used power and sail boats, and more specifically interesting to our audience, brand new Beneteau […] (Jeffrey S. Wettig)