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Free Sailing Podcasts from Our Media Partners

Discussions include sailor bios, sailboat designs, sailing skills, maintenance, cooking aboard, cruising destinations and more.

  • Departure Date Nears and Emotions Flow November 16, 2018
    Coping with the emotional roller coaster as you say goodbye to family and friends and hello to new adventures. [More] Departure Date Nears and Emotions Flow
    Carolyn Shearlock
  • 3 Reasons I Love Varnish Day November 13, 2018
    Maintenance is a necessary chore. Finding side benefits makes it fun, even when it means hauling yourself up the mast each spring. [More] 3 Reasons I Love Varnish Day
    Nica Waters
  • Storms at Sea November 11, 2018
    What does it feel like offshore when winds top 50 knots? We'll tell you, review some common heavy weather equipment, and share ideas for coping. [More] Storms at Sea
    Lin Pardey
  • Bryan Rolfe // The Adventures of Tarka November 13, 2018
    #248. Bryan Rolfe is a grass-roots 30-something cruiser with big dreams and a small budget. He's been documenting his adventures aboard his 27-foot Albin Vega TARKA on YouTube, and is currently in the Caribbean. Mia & I have followed Bryan from afar since he started his trip, and my conversation with him ended up being […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • Mia Karlsson // Mermaid Tales November 6, 2018
    #247. Mia Karlsson is honored to be the FIRST guest on the new Mermaid Tales podcast, featuring tales of women who are connected in some way to the ocean, hosted by Breezy Mulligan. Here’s a rare opportunity to hear Mia on the podcast, talking about her sailing history! Subscribe to Mermaid Tales wherever you get […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • John Kretschmer RECYCLED // Andy's Hero & Mentor October 30, 2018
    #130 RECYCLED. John Kretschmer has long been a hero of mine, and has become a friend and mentor over the past 10+ years. John runs offshore adventure sailing passages on his Kaufman 47 QUETZAL (the inspiration for our own business), is a former delivery skipper and a renowned author of several books, including his latest […]
    59 North, Ltd.
  • STBSP Ep, 97, 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show Wrap up, part 2! November 9, 2018
    Welcome to The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP) episode 97, the 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show Wrap up, part 2! Back in early October we spent a great weekend hanging around the 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show, held in downtown/Ego Alley Annapolis, got to see some friends and interview some vendors, even had a Pain Killer […]
    Jeffrey.wettig@gmail.com (Jeffrey S. Wettig)
  • STBSP Ep. 96, 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show, part 1. October 26, 2018
      Welcome to episode #96, as we visit the 2018 Annapolis Sailboat Show! This will be part 1 of 2. I did ten interviews at the boat show for the podcast, and we will split them up evenly at 5 apiece. We had a great time at the show this year, got to catch up […]
    Jeffrey.wettig@gmail.com (Jeffrey S. Wettig)
  • STBSP Ep, 95, Seafarers YC Gathering of National Heroes, The Path Less Traveled. October 15, 2018
    Welcome to Episode 95 of The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast (STBSP). This time around we visit an event at the Seafarers YC in Eastport, MD during the big sailboat show, October 2018. They were celebrating Heroes of Maritime endeavors in the Black Community. The event was put together by Carroll Green and other committee […]
    Jeffrey.wettig@gmail.com (Jeffrey S. Wettig)

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