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How To Sail Instructional Videos

How To Sail Videos

Sailing instruction, sailing and cruising tips, boat maintenance, boat repair, and boat projects

Our how to sail instructional videos are created by professional filmmakers and talented amateurs who want to share their knowledge of sailing and boats with you. Our instructors include legendary sailors like Gary Jobson, Don Street, and Lin and Larry Pardey. We are constantly adding new how to sail instructional videos and boat maintenance videos to our library. If you come across a how to sail video that you believe others might enjoy, let us know through our contact form.

About TheSailingChannel

TheSailingChannel.TV produces original video content and acquires high quality sailing documentaries and how to sailing videos from other producers. Our target audience is the global sailing community. Our sailing films cover the gear, the people, the skills, and the places that interest recreational sailors.

You can watch our Vimeo Sailflix Sailing Video Library on all screens: Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, and Smart TVs. SailFlix on Vimeo is a great place to store your sailing video collection in the cloud while downloading copies for off-line viewing.

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