Red Dot on the Ocean: Public Television

A one-hour version of Red Dot, sponsored by Honda, is now airing on Public Television stations across the country. See our interactive calendar and map below for stations, dates, and times. Please check your local listings as schedules change and stations add new air dates. To see if your local PTV station plans to carry Red Dot, see Accepting Stations on the Red Dot APT Station List_Update_022521. If your local station is not on the list, an email or call to your local station’s viewer services department can help get Red Dot on the air. Red Dot is available free to stations that subscribe to American Public Television.

Viewers can watch the one-hour PTV version of Red Dot free, online.

Purchase the 77 minute theatrical version:

HD Download on Vimeo

Stream with extras with a subscription

DVD, or Blu-Ray with 40+ minutes of Extras on TheSailingChannel.TV.

Broadcasts starting in 2016

Since it began its broadcast run on Public TV starting in April 2016, as of February 2021 Red Dot has had over 1755 telecasts on 398 channels in 148 markets covering 47 states. This translates into an overall coverage of 86.12% with a 96% penetration of the top 25 U.S. markets. Red Dot has reached a potential audience of over 219 million people. See details in the Carriage Summery

All Station Coverage Map as of February 2021

Red Dot on the Ocean Public TV Coverage Map as of Feb 2021

Broadcast Calendar

Hover your mouse over a listing for details and the station’s website.
To see if Red Dot has aired on your local Public TV station, click on the Station Listing. It will open in a new tab or window. Then search for your city or PTV station call sign. Use CTRL-F on Windows and CMD-F on Macs. If it hasn’t aired, call your local station manager and request a broadcast.

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Broadcast Map

Click on map symbols for station details and website.

Scheduled Broadcast Scheduled Broadcast.
Check your local listings.
Broadcast TBA Broadcast TBA.
Call your local station and ask that they broadcast Red Dot.
Maybe Broadcast Maybe Broadcast.
Call your local station and ask that they broadcast Red Dot.