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Sailing Destination Videos Cat Harbor, Santa Catalina Island, California

We’ve taken sailing destination videos featured in each episode of Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine and grouped them into eight master collections.

Sailing Destination videos include: U.S. East Coast Cruising, U.S. West Coast-Mexico Cruising, U.S. Lake Cruising, Cruising the Florida Keys, Caribbean Cruising, Cruising European Waters, Cruising the Pacific, and Ocean Crossings. Produced in the late 1980’s, Sailing Quarterly’s 24 one-hour programs set the standard for sailing television.

You can watch our Sailflix Vimeo Library on all screens: Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, and Smart TVs. SailFlix on Vimeo is a great place to store your sailing video collection in the cloud while downloading copies for off-line viewing.

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